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An agricultural company TOV ‘Nemyrivskyi HKP’ is an integral part of companies group Ambar. The core business of the company is growing grains and oilseeds. To date, the company cultivates 4,200 hectares of productive land on the banks of the Southern Bug. In our work we follow the principle of ‘doing no harm to nature and taking all the best from it’, therefore a team of highly qualified agronomists, seed growers, and process managers systematically improve the culture of soil treating, search for optimal ratio of required fertilizers and plant protection chemicals on the basis of precise soil testing, and apply advanced technologies from such world-known manufacturers of agricultural machinery as Massey Ferguson, Case, John Deere and others.

Our experts are scrupulous about development of cultivation plans and crop rotation. Using the latest scientific information, we grow highly cost-effective crops such as corn, soybeans, rape, buckwheat and, of course, wheat.

Кукурудза обрез


    Corn is one of the major crops of modern agriculture. It has a high level of productivity and a very wide range of applications. The LLC Ambar + has more than eight years of experience in the industrial cultivation of this crop. During planting it is used the planting material of such world famous manufacturers as Monsanto and Syngenta. 

рипак обрез


           Rape is an important oil plant; the economic meaning of rape by the end of XX century has increased substantially due to the fact that it began to be used for biodiesel production. The LLC Ambar +  grows winter rape.  During planting it is used the technology and seed material  of Bayer and Lemken.

пшеница обрез


         Winter wheat is the most popular among all cereal crops.  Large range of winter wheat in Ukraine due to high level of productivity. For us wheat is not only profitable crop for cultivation and supplying optimal crop rotation, but in the first place - the raw material for the production of flour. Therefore our company grows the special sorts wheats which as a result of grade give the improved indexes of quality of flour.

соя обрез


          Soybean is an ancient plant that is cultivating by human being. The place of origin is considered to be the South-East Asia, where it has been grown for over five thousand years ago. Currently, this crop is successfully cultivated everywhere, except perhaps the poles. However, for Ukraine this culture is relatively new. The technology of cultivation of soybean is not such perfect process as, for example, the process of growing winter wheat, which for centuries is cultivated in Ukraine. The growth of the area under soy really very large, it indicates that the cultivation of modern culture annually joins a large number of new companies. The LLC Ambar + is no exception. We sow annually  of soybean. We use advanced technology and high quality, proven seeds.



    Common buckwheat is a common food product, which contains large amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, b vitamins .Homeland of buckwheat is Northern India, where it is called "black rice". Ukraine for decades, is among five producers of buckwheat. LLC Ambar +  every year is sowing buckwheat because of its optimum sowing time, short production cycle and for supplying crop rotation.