Flour production

Our newest processing plant is the “engine” of our company. The great mechanism of our company is twisting around this complex operation. We gained our own production capabilities in 2005 due to unique achievements of our specialists and engineers. The strong desire of going forward and high demand for our products are our main incentives for further development. The long search for the best option resulted in 2012 in acquisition and launch of modern processing complex. We are constantly on the move, as we have a lot of plans and ideas to do … From the first days of our operations, we did realize that quality and safety were the greatest values of our products. Therefore, the strict quality and food safety control at all stages of production is the issue of top priority for us.

We invite to the cooperate agriculture enterprises by Vinnytsia, Khmelnitsk, Zhitomir, Kiev, Cherkassi areas and offer the highest prices on grain of wheat of flour-miller standards.

We accept any terms of delivery.

Product Information


Flour of high grade

This type of flour is most common in the manufacture for baking  bread, pastry wares and making pasta . High grade wheat flour has excellent baking properties, products made from it have good volume and fine-developed porosity. This flour is best used for sand, puff and leavened dough.  Flour is made in accordance with the DSTY 46,004 - 99, GOST 26574 - 85, white with a slightly creamy tint, without sour, and bitter tastes. Indicators:

  • white 59-61 units;
  • humidity rate of 15%;
  • gluten normally 24% - 28%;
  • Idk 60-65 units;
  • falling number 230-380 sec.
We ship the flour packed in bags of 30 kg and 50 kg as well as delivery of flour haulage up to 35 tons.


Wheat bran

Brans are hard shell of grain  and all vitally important oligoelementss are concentrated exactly in a corn shell:  fats, useful cellulose, vitamins of group B, vitamins A, E, beta-karotin, and also row of minerals (iron, sodium, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, cobalt). The complex of vitamins of group of B , contained in wheat brans, takes part in a carbohydrate, power, albuminous, fatty and  water-salt exchange,  regulates the functions of the nervous, and other system, what immunity and general state of organism gets better due to. Food value on a 100 gramme of product:

  • fats – a 4,3 gramme;
  • carbonhydratess – a 64,5 gramme;
  • calorie content – 216 Kkal.

Our company makes brans in packaged for 25 kg and bulk kind, according to the indexes of DSTU 3016-95.


The flour of the first grade

Flour by touch is soft, subsieve, white with a slightly rather yellow tint. High enough maintenance of gluten has Muka of chop, that makes dough out of it elastic, and the finished products -- good form, high-cube, pleasant taste and aroma. This kind of flour good to use as  for baking bread  as for making loaves, pies, pancakes. Concordantly GSTU 46.004 - 99 and Gostu 26574 - 85 the flour of chop differs on such indexes:

  • whiteness of 45 - 47 units.;
  • gluten 25 - 30 %;
  • IDK 70 - 75 ed;
  •  number of falling 230 - 380 secs.
In relation to a smell, color and taste requirements are used proper requirements for white. Flour can be delivered by car  or in bags of 30 kg and 50 kg.


Brans granular

Granular wheat bran are   the pressed hard shell of grain. Are valuable feed for all types of agricultural zoons.  The on the average supplied with wheat bran is included by:

  • 14,8% water;
  • 15,5% albumens;
  • 3,2% fats;
  • 8,4% celluloses;
  •  53,2% nitrogen-free extractive matters;
  • no more than 5% ash.
Each 100 kg of bran – it 71–78 forage units, a source is 13 kg of digestible albumen. Mainly bran are used as a feed for a suckling cattle, and also for growing of sapling, befit for the ration of horse and pigs, sheep, cattle. Realized on weight, wholesale.